Isn’t making friends the same as smiling?

No one taught us how to smile. We started smiling since we were babies. We could smile to anyone and anything. People even tried so hard to make us smile. It all seems so natural, like a natural gift.

No one taught us how to make friends in a new environment. We used to have orientation programs to force us to make new friends. When we were small, our teachers forced us to hold the hands of our partners while walking to another venue in two neat files. Friendship fosters as time passes. Being in the same room with the rest of the classmates for hours everyday.. Naturally, everyone became friends.

Everything changes with time. Environment and most importantly, us.

We get more timid as we grew older. Because we are more sensible, and knew that every actions have consequences.

Or perhaps.. It is just me.

Time has eroded my innocence and courage.
Uncertainty has added my worrysome and fear.

Who am I now?

A person who has unlearn and has not been able to relearn the art of smiling and the art of making friends.

What a joke.


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