10 recent incidents that made me smile

1. A girl was running after a bus. The bus driver noticed her and stopped for her. She boarded the bus, bowed a little and thanked the driver.

2. People were rushing to alight the crowded bus, from both the front and back door. Among the crowd, a handful of people thanked the driver before alighting.

3. A little boy was bored while waiting for the bus, so he decided the count the total price of all the candies in the newspaper stand. A young executive was buying newspaper, and he also bought a candy for the little boy. The boy thanked him and jumped for joy.

4. A domestic worker brought two elderly (ah gong and ah ma) to the food court. She asked ah ma in dialect, what she would like to eat today and ah ma said anything. She began laughing, so did ah gong and ah ma. She bought them carrot cake and both of them were happy. She went to get milk tea for both of them, along with a little surprise for ah gong too. She bought some dim sum and said, “ah gong, your favourite!” Three of them shared the food and ate happily.

5. A little girl dragged her mother and grandmother to MacDonald for breakfast. Her mother got her hotcakes with milk and for grandmother and herself, big breakfast with coffee. The girl saw the scrambled eggs and whined about not having it with her hotcakes. Her grandmother laughed and gave it to the girl. Her mother, too gave a portion of the eggs to her. Few minutes later, she whined about not having milo to drink. And her mother proceeded to get her a medium iced milo. Both mother and grandmother watched the little girl eat the breakfast with joy.

6. A woman was busy looking into her mobile phone on the train. Just then, an old man boarded the train. She immediately gave up her seat.

7. An old woman was sitting comfortably on the reserved seat, observing the surrounding. When a little girl and her mother boarded the train, she asked if the girl wants to sit with her. The girl hid behind her mother shyly.

8. A pair of twins in baby stroller was pushed by their mother into the train. The mother sat down and started to play with the twins. The twins were laughing so joyfully that people around them caught the joy bug. The twins look around at people and smiled at them.

9. A man was rushing into the train, wanting to grab a seat to sit comfortably. He managed to be the first to enter and got a seat. Few stops later, while he was comfortably seated, a heavily pregnant women boarded. He got up instantly and offered her the seat.

10. A toddler was playing with her father while waiting for the train at the platform. She ran so enthusiastically towards her father and was laughing loudly. And when her mother appeared behind her, she changed direction and again, ran enthusiastically towards her mother. She hugged her mother’s leg and started laughing non-stop. With people looking at her, she looked at them and laughed again.


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