My story

I still find it fascinating how people react when I told them my past failures and how I have come a long journey to where I am today. I observed about three typical ones.

1. Silence.
The vast majority were either shocked or were thinking what they should say. In the end, they decided to just keep quiet.

2. Why?
A handful of them would ask questions like if I regretted or why didn’t I go for another route etc. These people tend to be more candid and straightforward, which I kind of prefer, since I would not have to fit up the silent moments.

3. Oh. My friend..
Perhaps they have no idea what to say, so they can only relate to their friend, usually, with the similar storyline etc. Often, I felt that there’s a moment when we seems to be comparing the past of me and your friend. I know that’s not their intention, but really.. I have heard too many story of my friend’s friends.

I am not sure why not being the norms seem to be able to be a conversation starter for a social hermit like me. But I feel that in order to foster a stronger bond, you need to know a little of who’s am I. Of course, I do hope that they will understand where I am coming from and why I would behave in a certain ways. Then again, it seems that my story still is interesting to many.

Anyone can judge me after knowing my story,
but they can also know the ‘true’ me behind my story.
I am not afraid of judgement,
for I know, I cannot and will not judge myself.


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