Being a teacher

I once hold aspirations to become a teacher, an educator.

I did not really enjoy myself while I was walking through my education path. I was taught through humiliations and fear. I developed extreme hatred for school and learning. I thought since I have not really met some ‘good’ teachers, perhaps I could be one. I wish to be a teacher, in hope to make a difference in someone’s life. I promised myself to not give up on anyone, when they have not given up on themselves. Never to let anyone be wondering on their own, lost and confused, with a direction.. Because I was left behind in the past, I feel that I could be the one to do something about it. At least, I thought I would be the one. Today, my heart still tells me that I should be a teacher, but my mind tells me otherwise.

I am unsure and confused.
Perhaps someday, I should really spend some quality time sorting out my thoughts; instead of leaving them hanging in my mind..

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