The environment made me independent and strong.
Rather, I was forced by the environment to be who I am today.
I was taught that whining doesn’t get me anywhere, and that
I am to face the consequences of my own actions.

Illnesses crashing me.. Failures beating me up..
The different ups and downs in my life journey,
I fought them one by one, by myself.
I was there, for myself..

Only recently, I learned.. that I am vulnerable.
I wasn’t as strong, as independent than I thought I was.

Deep inside me,
I have my endless list of fears.
I have situations where I needed more than myself.
I have my attention-seeking moments.
I have times when I felt lost and helpless.

I need to learn to take away my mask,
to bring down my defensive wall.
I need to accept that vulnerability is perfectly fine..
and.. it is alright to be weak.


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