Looking back at 2012

I was once again overwhelmed with the projects, especially when I have all the reports in my hand.

I finally made up my mind and did my university applications.

I got angrier studying for the examinations for a module that didn’t make any sense to anyone.

I wrote in my script, “Not taught in lecture!” for the above-mentioned module.

I have somewhat completed another short journey of my life and am still thinking what to do with the rest.

I went on a Malaysia trip with my mother for the very first time. Though we didn’t do much, I enjoyed myself.

I drank for the very first time and in high volume in a Malaysian pub with my mother and her friends.

I received the best news ever, that I was given a conditional offer to a local university.

I was silly and overly anxious when the offer letter was not in. I repeated looked in the letterbox in hope to find the letter.

I did relatively well for the last semester with only two B+s. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to have any impact on my final GPA.

I requested to withdraw one of my university application. Wasted $15.

I was called up for an interview and admission test with two days notice. I spent a day pondering, and proceeded on to turn down the interview and withdraw my second application.

I finally made up my mind and accepted the offer.

I kept my fingers crossed that the financial aid will be approved.

I received the news that I will be graduating with a Merit Award. I was overwhelmed.

I kicked off my bad habit of leaving the dishes unwashed in the sink.

I started to cook every day.

I decided to prepare lunchbox for my mother to bring to her workplace.

I nursed my mother back to health while she was on a two-week medical leave.

I put on the graduation gown and graduated officially.

I was glad that my financial aid application was approved.

I was diagnosed.

I started school in a brand new environment. Making friends was a tough chore.

I lagged behind by alot.

I remained as a loner even after week 6, but I enjoy the freedom to roam around and the time spent with myself.

I tried to abandon the thought that I got in because I was lucky.

I had a makeover for my room with new furniture, especially a decent study desk.

I struggled through the deadlines.

I truly enjoyed myself in my project group, where we can talk about anything and joke around.

I had my first A in university.

I felt suffocated.

I sent out self-designed Christmas Cards to a handful of friends.

I began to participate in community outreach events.

I scrapped my first semester in university with disappointing yet expected results.

I participated in a Christmas exchange.

I actually anticipated the start of 2013 and the start of a new school semester.

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