Through my words, I looked back at my life

2006, a year that was important to me then.
I was not much of a procrastinator yet.
My life was nothing but studying to prepare for the major examinations.
I studied and studied hard enough, I guess.
But I was not alone. I studied with my few closest friends.
We faced the pressure together and fought our way through the examinations.
I emerged victorious, feeling excited for the next phase of my life.

2007 to 2008, two unforgettable years in my life.
I struggled through the two years, missing out on life.
I was miserable every day, with sleep and illnesses overwhelmed me.
I have a bunch of wonderful friends who fought with me.
It was a bloody, bloody battle.
I was dead, feeling like a beaten lost soul.

2009 to 2012, I embarked on a self-discovery journey.
I took it as a rare opportunity and fought hard.
I wanted to find myself again from the lost battle,
but then, I lost my soul.. and faith in humans.
I lost a part of myself.
I may have friends that supported me throughout,
there were things that I still kept to myself.
Everyone found a path of their own, and continue walking.


I was happier then.. before 2007.


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