The perfect excuse

Based on the past few years, I usually fell sick once in a year, and it will be a pretty serious one that can possibly last for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it seems to always strike days before my examinations, if not, it would be during my project peak period. This year is no exception, but it was a little early though.

It all started with a slight discomfort in my throat. I thought it was because of the lack of fluid during the day. Then I started to cough and cough until I feel as though my lungs were going to burst. It was a dry cough, soon, everything went downhill. Phlegm developed, but I was unable to cough them out. Suddenly, all the phlegm seemed to move up and clogged my nose that I felt so heavy-headed. Still coughing with visible dryness in my throat, lozenges seemed to only work for few minutes before the irritation in my throat came to haunt me. Gradually, my throat felt a lot better, probably thanks to the massive volume of fluid that I have drunk. Thick mucus were stuck in my nose that I breathe through my mouth, most of the time. Then again, because of that my throat was dry and I coughed a lot more and heavier just before I fell asleep.

Now, I am still coughing, but the frequency is much less than before. I still breathe through my mouth, but situation is really improving gradually. The blockage seems to be clearing up though I am still deaf in my left ear.

Perhaps in a few more days, I will be well again.

Too many times, I have used my condition as an excuse to procrastinate and to avoid work. I told myself that I am sick now that I will need to rest, to recover, to not do the work. I told myself that it’s a perfect excuse, and there is nothing wrong with that. There may be true moments that I feel really sick that I cannot continue with the work even after many attempts. However, I am guilty, for many times, I was well enough to at least attempt to do the work. I didn’t even try, not even once. I ran away from work. I am visibly sick in school, during classes and during project meetings. People were less harsh on me, giving in to me. I felt that I have abused the privileges given to me just because I am sick.

I am truly sorry.. to my friends and more importantly, to myself.


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