I am sorry.
I really cannot deal with this kind of situations.. that involves consoling.
Loss of words and bubbling uncertainties, are all excuses. I know.
I truly do not know what to do, or to react.
I didn’t want to ask further, in fear to provoke your emotions.
For a moment, I was hoping that shifting the subject was a good tactic.
So I started dishing out other suggestions.

But I was wrong.
Once again, I am sorry for my inability to react or to console.
I do feel you for I have been in similar situations.
I know we are all different people who feel and think differently.
For a moment, I thought what works for me, might work for you.
So I kept quiet and left you alone.

I am not sure if I did wrong.
I presume you might like some silent moment to think and sort out your thoughts.
Because that’s what I do.

I am sorry that it all seems so much of ‘me’ and ‘I’, than ‘you’.


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