My Journey, with a stone

Often heard and believed: Life is a journey, not a destination.

In this little journey of mine, I have been through dark paths with creepy monsters on both sides, trying to crush me, to stop me from moving ahead. I have shivered many times with these paths, fearing every single second, or even collapsing to the ground. I may collapse, stop, or even slow down my pace in this little journey. I may be beaten up really badly, all bruised up and bleeding helplessly and hopelessly. I may even take a couple of steps back, due to my fear of uncertainty. No matter how dark the journey gets, I know, somehow, I will see the light or even some slight ray of hope eventually.

I will always be tripped by things on the path, particularly this one stone.
Sometimes, I saw it and avoided it in time.
Other times, with a little luck, I didn’t fall or suffer much during the fall.
Few times, I fell with a great impact, physically and mentally.

I wondered why there has to be something out there to trip me, to obstruct me, to test me, to hurt me. I dreamt of screaming at it to get out of my path, to get away from me, to stop being there. It didn’t work. Not even once. There are times where I wish I could calm down and knock some sense into that stone, but I could not do it. I really wish for a moment to sort things out between us, so that my journey will be smoother, and that stone will be able to seek its own purpose, in its own journey.

All the hopes and wishes will always be running through my head, simply because deep down.. I know that it is impossible for such peace talks or moments. It could probably be karma. For now, what I can do is to look carefully and avoid that stone, to prevent myself for falling flat on my face or something. Frankly, I could not even face the stone for longer than a few seconds, or it could have been the other way around, with the stone, not being able to even face me for a few seconds.

Perhaps one day, I will garner enough courage and energy to make peace with that stone, for that could be another turning point in my journey, leading to more meaningful paths.


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