Three weeks
Three trips to the library
Over sixteen books borrowed

It took me a while to realise that information could actually be a click away yet I was spending my time and energy to browse through the books and plow through the massive information. I had no explanation to my actions.

I saw a lot, from the people in the library.
I learnt a lot, from the books and library.

I was surprised when I saw people queuing outside the library, waiting for its opening. I was amazed to see librarians stand in a file, greeting the patrons with smiles, after they opened the library. I have seen how people are seeking shelter in the library for the cool environment, bringing along their gadgets. Some were unemployed elderly who treated the library as a gathering point, to chit-chat with one another, to go to lunch together and to read the newspapers. While parents had their eyes glued to their gadgets’ screens, the hyperactive kids were running around as though they were at the playground and the rest were immersed in the world of books. Many were actually browsing through the books, or reading, which could be a rare sight these days.

I still love the touch of books, the ability to flip through the physical object, as opposed to an e-book.


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