A friend in 250 words

Personalities, characters and qualities,
defines an individual while providing uniqueness.
There is no such thing as a ‘bad side’ of a person,
it all depends on perspectives.

Releasing an aura of authority of a teacher,
it can be intimidating yet respecting.
Stronger when your confidence level skyrockets,
weaker when you let down your guards.

Being frank, candid, straightforward unknowingly,
some may regard as offensive and rude.
But others will treasure or value that,
for it’s such truths that will wake ourselves up.

A matured mental age, with a child at heart..
Not caring about others, or the circumstances,
the little girl comes out to play wilfully,
yet she doesn’t know when to go back home.

Observe more, pay more attention to others,
emotions or thoughts, or even needs.
Look carefully, listen closely: People are speaking..
in their minds and heart. Be sensitive and attentive.

The clock will always be ticking, time doesn’t wait.
Yet remember, for your own sake or someone’s..
No matter how remorseful or regretting you are,
nothing is going to replace the time: wasted or waited.

The world will be a much better place,
with less assuming and less judging..
Keep an open mind, for there’re endless possibilities.
Be welcoming to all opinions and agree to disagree..

We do not need to change ourselves to be..
what we termed as ‘more desirable’, or ‘more likable’,
for these are what made up us, as unique individuals.
You are who you are, good or bad. Accept it, know it.


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