Feeling to avoid work

Waking up with a stomach cramp,
making me curl up like a ball.

Opening my eyes to the clock,
reminding me of tasks and work.

Eating heartily without worries,
preparing to kick-start my day.

Looking at stacks of tasks and work,
making my stomach cramp again.

Forcing myself to work on the task,
leaving me tired mentally.

Feeling awkward and procrastinative,
wanting to get over and done with.

Moving on to a new task,
stopping again with a stomach cramp.

Wondering if it is a sign to stop,
trying to make me procrastinate again.

Grabbing a short break,
starting on the new task.

Raising my eyebrows,
realising that it is all karma.

Procrastinating yesterday and the day before,
resulting in a massive accumulation of work.

Blaming myself and thinking of a solution,
stopping myself to do other things for now.

Feeling to avoid work,
fighting to overcome the cramps and me.

Typing this and thinking,
procrastinating again.

Updating this again,
sneaking for a little more break.

Fulfilling my needs and wants,
Going out to grab some snacks.

Breathing in the different air,
sweating in the hot weather.

Returning home, feeling satisfied,
cooling down myself to began on work.

Hoping the cramps will not return,
cursing myself again for mentioning cramps.


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