It was a little breakthrough with unexpected outcomes.
I have no idea what to expect, or why I was there.
I have no idea where the courage came from.
I have no idea when I will regret the decision.
I just went ahead..

I met new people, people whom I am comfortable with.
So comfortable that I shared my stories and tears..
I faced my own emotions, emotions that were uncontrollable.
So uncontrollable that my eyes went red and watery..
I listened to others’ stories, stories that were impactful.
So impactful that I felt so lost..
I catch up with a friend, a valuable friend who share similarities.
So similar that I felt so close & comfortable..

I had lots of fun with different people,
whose names were not important,
for our minds & hearts were connected,
at least for that day.

It was a day with new friends, new thoughts & new understanding.
New perspectives for myself, regarding myself, the world, and a friend.


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