Clearly, I wasn’t me.

Impulsive decisions
Spontaneous agreements
Optimistic thoughts
Unfamiliar people
Unusual setting

Insane. Or simply.. it wasn’t me.
Reaffirmed and reminded by others.
Along with a good laugh.

I signed up for an adventure camp without thinking through much, without factoring in the environmental changes and the lack of familiar faces. I must be out of my mind since I never like camp in the first place.

To make things worst, everything was an issue *during* the camp.

The insufficient portable water
The unmanageable mentees
The ferocious mosquitoes
The oddly coloured bugs
The unbearable heat
The long journey to the washroom
The lack of showering facilities
The constant toilet breaks of my mentees
The sleepless night

But, everything ended with a good mark, leaving a good memory, experience and relationship.

Getting out of my comfort zone
Getting to know more people
A great partner to share the pain
Mentees with endless energy and teamwork

..except probably that few ulcers near my throat and many mosquitoes bites on my legs as physical takeaways from the camp.


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