Conversation within

My mind whispered, “I am so tired. Maybe it is time to quit. We need to stop soon.”

My soul screamed, “NO! We cannot give up now. Why should we give in when the fight is not over?!”

My mind whispered, “Don’t you remember that you have learnt to quit before it is too late? Don’t you remember dwelling so much into it years ago, and ultimately, the result is a tragedy?”

My heart murmured, “I remembered. It was.. scary.”

My soul said, “I know, but I haven’t learnt it. I did not remember them as well as you. All I know is that, I was trashed totally, but I stood back up. Tall and proud. Give it a chance?”

My heart shouted, “I don’t know! I have patched myself up since then. I am not sure if I am up to the challenge again.”

My mind whispered, “You guys are confusing me again. Just like those days.. And.. you guys have patched yourself and stood back up since then. I haven’t. Those memories still haunt me.”

My soul went silent.


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