I looked at the rain in dismay.
Nothing went through my mind.
Not even a thought of calling for help,
only the serenity amidst the falling raindrops.

It was more than just a rain.
Howling winds brought the heavy rain indoors.
Heavy rain brought the little chilling contact.
I just sat there, and stared blankly.

Moments later, reality stuck me.
My mind was just about to bring up the memories,
which I promptly shut off upon realization.
Without much, I went off in the rain.

My eyes barely opened and I almost lost control.
All drenched and soaked..
I reached my destination, creating a mess.
Still, I have no regrets till then.

Minutes later, I looked out of the window..
Everything looks different.
All gone, the rain and the wind..
I shrugged and continue with my life.
the rain has stopped.


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