It is the same feeling all over again for the past few weeks.
Extremely tired and sleepy.. Beaten by my own lackingness..
The sense of urgency is stirring from within, waiting to erupt.
Escape is tempting and the only easy way out, for I am feeling it.
It is to not be mess with, yet I am fearful of it.
I have no idea what to go, except.. to close my eyes and go with the flow.
Hoping that I will get over it soon when my eyes are opened again.
The darkness is scary, but the reality is hurtful.

I am running because..
I do not know what to do.
I do not know where to go.
I do not know when to stop.
I do not know who to go.
I do not know why I am running.

I just want to escape..
from the reality and from myself.


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