Deep into the night..
It is an attractive and peaceful night.
Nothing seems to matter,
Just me.. and my wishful thinking.

Amongst all the chaos in my brain,
there is a hint of serenity.
It is no longer about work,
as I reflect more about life.

I feel guilty from time to time.
I doubted my decision, and ask myself
if I have done the right thing.
I really have no idea.

I am the devil, dragging others
into the realm of endless hell.
It saddens me to see their sacrification,
to hear that they are fine.

Their positivity amaze me, because
I have been desensitised by the reality.
I go by day after day, week by week,
just for the limited hours of sleep.

I am so easily satisfied with just..
being able to eat and to sleep.
Time became so precious for me that
I am tapping onto other people’s.

For that, I am truly sorry.
I am sorry for my selfishness,
in hope to relieve my own burden.
I added on to other people’s sufferings.

Deep into the night..
when the work is still glaring at me.
Nothing seems to matter,
Just me.. and the work.

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