I never believe in work-life balance.
Not at this age or before.
Simply because it doesn’t make sense.
To me, then. And maybe now.
As the time passes, I feel it,
not a need for balance.
I just needed some proper rest,
to regain some energy.
I am not asking for more,
just a proper six hours sleep per day,
everyday. Or even, just regular mealtimes.
Nothing more. Yet nothing less.
I believe in well-deserved rest.
Or it would be an endless tail chase.
But I don’t foresee any changes for now,
and that’s too depressing for me to think.
All in all, I have little sense left within.
With out, I can’t be bothered anymore.
Because no matter what, I do not think
anything will change for the better or not.
I could only be like these words, one by one,
line by line, going on and on.
Until.. there is little time left,
little willpower left to do anything.
There’s still more work to be done.
Before the sun comes up for the day,
in a few hours time. I still work like a
mindless creature, till the day that I seek
liberation. The word I dare not imagine
today. Or tomorrow, it is all the same.
Until there are changes, or it will be
the same old me. Drowning lifeless soul,
just typing on and on and on.
Living one day by one day by one day.
Shortening my will bit by bit, until
I finally drowned and my body floats.

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