Looking up

Today, the night looks different
Thin cloud cover scattered,
Enough to block the stars.
A slightly less than perfect full moon,
In a shade of unusual orange.
I used to look at the night sky,
And fall asleep. As though,
Something was watching over me.
Be it the stars or the moon.
The nights were always quiet,
With a couple of stars.

Some nights, the moon was bright,
And it became my night light.
Some nights, the stars were plentiful,
And it became my draw board.
I talked to the stars,
And they replied by twinkling.
I revealed a secret to the moon,
And it just kept watching over me.
Other nights, the stars went gone,
And the moon too, I became afraid.
I thought I lost something,
A light in the dark. Watching over me.
The sense of loneliness without them.
Only the thick insensible clouds, and
Merciless rain, lightning and thunder.

Today, the moon no longer looks over me.
The stars no twinkle as much.
All because, I am no longer looking up.
I am looking down at my feet
Fearing that I might trip onto something
And fall. And never get up.
Worrying about everything in front of me,
That I will not make it out alive.
And not looking up,
The dreams. The hope. The aspirations.
There are none now. Only because,
I dare not for reality forbids.


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