For others to care, maybe one should care too.
Not caring for others, but for oneself.

The waves will always hit the shores. No doubt about that.
At times, the shores get eroded over time, from the waves.
But did the shores ever disappear overnight?
The shores may be reclining, it may be eroding.
And they stay there with frequent replenishment of sand.

What is the shore without the waves?
The waves may be damaging, yet so nourishing.
The waves bring along lives and breezes.
The waves show the shores the different world.
The shores are nothing without the waves.

There is no reason to let go. Never was there one.
If there is a reason, the person won’t be there long enough,
for you to notice, to tell, and to acknowledge.
You have every right to let go, but none
to tell anyone else to let go of you.

We chose to fight alone. Decisions that we could make and made for different reasons. No one can question them, but no one would want to see a bloody battle, be it fought alone or with others.

From: a person that fights alone.


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