I finally slowed down, just for a moment.
I needed to catch my breathe and..
to slow down my brain activities.
The vision went a little blurred just now.

I am indeed caught up with the tiny stuff,
so trival yet pressing to be completed.

You claimed that I was wrong to take them all,
to do them all, because I couldn’t see the big picture.
But have you tried to understand,
even the most trival things, need to be completed,
before anything else can be. Someone have to do
what it takes to get it done, to proceed.

You claimed that I should delegate and,
not shoulder everything, because I will drown.
But have you realised for the matter of fact,
I have already been drowning, and the lifebuoys
aren’t helping a single bit. I don’t blame them
for it was never their fault.

You have made your claims, but have you heard
our voices? Every single one of us have a voice.
There will always be a reason why we do things
a certain way. Because of who we are and what
we are thinking. Maybe, you will never understand
for I, myself, will not understand myself too.

A lecturer once asked me this,
“Do you think you are a hero to do everything?”
I told him, “I never did think in such a way.”
What has to be done, has to be done.
If I could do it, why not? It is the closest
to humans that I could ever do.

From the alien living within me.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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