Years ago, the trashing from the reality defeated me and took my soul away.

Little did I know there was a little pride left within me, awaiting for my own discovery, to relight my confidence and revive my soul.

This little pride of mine: Beaten but strong, hidden but visible.

Today, I will make sure I will navigate and survive through the reality of this society with this little pride of mine.

I once forgotten about myself, and I am still in the process of finding back every piece..

10 Things About Me

#1  I do not trust people easily, or rather, I lose faith in people.
#2  I have delicate ears that are too sensitive to noises.
#3  I maintain a defensive wall and a protective mask when meeting people.
#4  I judge people knowingly and unknowingly. (We all do.) I am, too, judged on an everyday basis. I am immune, though I still mind.
#5  I manage to scrape through life even when I am one of the greatest procrastinator on Earth.
#6  I like orderliness in my life, yet at times, I am a messy person who could live with the mess.
#7  When I am busy, I do a lot more of the random and unnecessary things that could potentially make myself busier.
#8  I keep many things to myself because I feel that sharing them will not solve anything and will probably create more chaos.
#9  I enjoy solitude. I like being left alone, yet I sometimes crave for some limelight.
#10  I want to believe again. I want to believe in promises, in hope, in miracles and in myself.



  1. Could you please tell me who wrote the poem “Don’t Pity Me”? I think that what it says is so important. Thanks for your prompt reply.

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