I set my watch
to vibrate at 6pm
with a little hope
that I can leave by then

But it is always silenced

Every single day
it vibrates and signals
to me that I am still
far away from knocking off

And it is always the same


Or maybe I am just too tired.

There is no time to think.
There is no time to feel.
There is no time to bother.

All I want is to lay in bed.
Shut my eyes.
And be gone. Forever.


I hope for that day that
my mind feels refreshed
when I wake up in the morning
my heart feels fulfilled
when I turned in at night
my soul feels free
when the week begins again

It will not be soon
But I refuse to admit
I shall live in denial
until that day arrives


The mind was blanked.
The heart was saturated.
The soul was missing.

The sun has set.
The people have gone.
The peace have returned.

The aircon was turned down.
The fan was blasted.
The environment was cooled.

Nothing but disenchantment.
Alienation from work and working.
No other descriptions.