15 days into the new year
Wrote for 15 days in two 5-year journals
Nothing impressive so far
Nothing but reality and sheer tiredness

The realms of darkness
Emptiness and helplessness

One day after the other
Just trying to get by



I hope you have been fine.
No need to be your best,
not even great or good.
Just be fine.. please.

A chapter will close,
and a new chapter begins.
Give the new chapter a chance
to unravel with hope and joy.


The new year has crept in
without permission
and I am so powerless
to control any of that

The clock continues to tick
The heart continues to beat
until the final day

But really
May this new year be a new beginning
A new chapter to your book
to be filled with joy and happiness


You have come a long, long, long way.
No one knows the pain you have been through
to arrive at where you are today.

Give yourself some credits.
Pat yourself on your back.

It has been quite a journey of pain and hardship.
The world deserves to have you and
you deserves the world.

Take your time.
One step at a time.

Ironically yours, the pessimist.


The year seems tougher than usual
But like every year, it ends eventually
Year by year, it never ends for real
Only for the memories to haunt again

Leave me alone and
I shall throw myself into the void
Let the emptiness consumes me
for I see nothing ahead of me again

The internal voice murmured silently
You have come a long, long way
You will get there
gradually and eventually