It was a good time, no matter how short.
Everyone made the effort and bothered.

It was heart aching to listen to the words,
like needles piercing through the heart.

The way that everyone agreed and added on,
it is still mind boggling and confusing.

At one point, I agree with them all.
At another, my mind started a debate.

I am no longer sure if I understood at all,
for I am a lost soul that is yet to be found.

I need to reconcile this for sure,
somehow, some day soon.



I always wondered if these people
feel a sense of fulfillment, or
are they just making ends meet

Or is this only a worry to those,
who have yet to decide or give up
for a life of fulfillment

Maybe it is not fulfillment
It could be a sense of purpose,
living with a goal in mind

What am I speaking of such,
when my only goal is to have a good rest
If possible, for eternity please.

The mood is not there.

There’s only a worn out body,
trying hard to stay alive.
There’s only a pair of tired eyes,
trying hard to stay open.
There’s only a broken soul,
trying hard to stay together.

Today is not the day.
Today is a bad, bad day.


I set my watch
to vibrate at 6pm
with a little hope
that I can leave by then

But it is always silenced

Every single day
it vibrates and signals
to me that I am still
far away from knocking off

And it is always the same


Or maybe I am just too tired.

There is no time to think.
There is no time to feel.
There is no time to bother.

All I want is to lay in bed.
Shut my eyes.
And be gone. Forever.


I hope for that day that
my mind feels refreshed
when I wake up in the morning
my heart feels fulfilled
when I turned in at night
my soul feels free
when the week begins again

It will not be soon
But I refuse to admit
I shall live in denial
until that day arrives