The mind swelled in size when I muttered that I seldom knock off before 8.
There was a downpour of words and emptiness – at the blink of the eye.

The heart started whispering when the situation got too overwhelming.
There was a barrier to block off all the words and noises – so effectively.

The soul created a room deep within and deep under.
There was a lock to lock all that inside – never to be heard for now.

The mind and heart have no say – not at all.
For the soul has decided that that will be the way for now.

I wish

I wish I can protect them all
to be the shield and the sword
But I know that I can’t

I wish I can do the work
without any of them all
But I know that I can’t

I wish I do not bring them in
to stop all the overwhelming guilt
But I know that I can’t

I wish I could get out
to be out happier out there
But I know that I can’t

The heart yelled: You’re so selfish
The mind screamed: How could you
The soul has ran away to hide in the darkness

There is no conversation between them
At least not for today
Until the soul is found


Keep the worries aside
Cast away the negativity
Things will work out eventually
For sure it will be

We may not know how
or even when
But we know for sure
that it will not rain forever

Let the mind figures out
for just these few days
Don’t forget to speak to the heart
Maybe there will be an answer


There are things that
not all shoulders can bear,
not all will be willing.

It is not the weight,
but the sheer pressure
and burden to others.

It is the immense guilt,
that make the heart aches
and the mind goes crazy.

The soul has to scream
at the top of the silent voice.
I will fight alone. I will be fine.


Maybe I have been fighting alone
There were no shoulders to share the load
I have to bear the entire burden
No matter I want it or not

There is nothing that
I look forward to every single day
Except for the end of the day
Where the sunset

The long bus journey back
To the usual place
Spending the night
Before everything begins again


It certainly has been a busy day
Filled with endless rushing
and long meetings
Nothing feels out of the norm
Except the tired feeling from within

It was a good ending
With nothing but good company
Nothing too special
Just the good moment together
Ending off with a long ride back


The sky was weeping
Tear drops fell onto the roof
and bounced to the ground

The ground was flooding
Water gushing through the drain
and down to the bottom

The mind is crashing
Thoughts popping up so often
and the soul decides to shut it down

The eyes are closing
Emptying out the thoughts
and desensitising the soul