Something feels odd today
Seems very empty
Almost like a void

Not that the feeling is unusual
Just uncomfortable
and overwhelming

I forgot my watch today
The one thing that deceive myself
into believing that all will be over soon



I look forward to it
Not for the festivity

I look forward to it
Away from work

Yet I am planning already
My to-do list over the days

Maybe I am using work
To escape from the real world

Is work the main cause for this desire to escape?


It is so much easier
to share the sorrow
and the void

Dark and grim
but words flow
with emotions

Maybe it was because
the pain makes everything
feel so real

Until that one day
I become desensitized
and nothing will matter


I have come to an realisation
that I am no longer drowning

I stand perfectly still in the water
as the tide rise
as the current brings me around

Anytime the water level rose
I closed my eyes
and inhaled the water

I let my lungs be filled
till I can no longer breathe
and patiently wait for the weekends

I refused to struggle in water anymore
for struggling will not help in any ways
and I have no energy to struggle

I am willing and prepared to drown now
Anytime and soon